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rallyemadartep [userpic]
by rallyemadartep (rallyemadartep)
at May 3rd, 2010 (12:45 am)

current location: London, UK
current mood: good
current song: Biffy Clyro, Many of Horror

Thought I'd give this community little boost of a hello!

I feel so sad...it's now 3 years since I've been to a rally! I moved to the UK to be closer to WRC events, and yet have never had the funds to make it to a single event since!

Fingers crossed for this year...anyone heading to Finland, Germany or GB

Mrs.H [userpic]
WRC on Twitter
by Mrs.H (kholan)
at June 14th, 2009 (11:22 am)

I'm not sure if anyone uses this community any more (it's looking pretty quiet here!), but I thought I would share this little bit of info for people who don't know about it.

The WRC can be followedon Twitter (http://twitter.com/OfficialWRC) where they give frequent updates on new merchandise, videos and rallies.

There is also an official WRC channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/wrc  Lots of onboards!

Mrs.H [userpic]
Rally of the Tall Pines
by Mrs.H (kholan)
at February 8th, 2008 (06:07 pm)

current mood: good

Back in November we went to the Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontario. It was a good day, lots of spectators, and a fun race to watch. Mitsubishi showed added investment and were handing out grab bags!

Here are some pictures from the day:

+ 5 moreCollapse )

Addy [userpic]
by Addy (djanabel)
at November 12th, 2007 (08:04 am)

current mood: bouncy

Congratulations to Simon + Sue Evans and indeed all the TRD team on winning the 2007 Australian Rally Championship.

_sterlingroses_ [userpic]
Shocking news...
by _sterlingroses_ (_sterlingroses_)
at September 15th, 2007 (04:32 pm)

current location: Tucson, AZ
current mood: shocked

There is speculation that Colin McRae has died in a helicopter crash near his home in Scotland. More on Sky news...


amber_kay [userpic]
by amber_kay (amber_kay)
at May 19th, 2007 (04:40 pm)

The rally was FANTASTIC!

I didn't get any pictures. I brought my camera but not good betteries.
We did our usual hotdog thing, in spite of the rain. Here in Portland people do everything in spite of the rain.
When you spectate for the OR Trail Rally you usually pick a viewing spot and stay there between when the first round goes by, then you wait a couple hours, then the second round goes by. During this break we grill hotdogs and pass them out for free, refusing to accept donations.
Why? is a question a lot of people ask. Well, think about how much you spend on Christmas. And how much appreciation do you get for the money you spent? I spend $80 on briquettes, lighter fluid, hot dogs, buns, and condiments. In return I get at least 80 people a day thanking me extensivelly for this service. Feeding rally spectators hotdogs turns a better warm fuzzy return than Christmas does. And while you're waiting rally cars fly by. Why am I the first to do this? Why doesn't everybody do it? It's so worth it! Just don't do it at the OR Trail Rally. I've claimed my stake here. People who only see us once a year drop the caution tape and let us drive up just long enough to unload the supplies for their lunch.

I'm not sure which one I love more. The rally cars or all the incredibly cool people who come to watch. Spectators are such cool people.

Addy [userpic]
3.......2......1.........Go!!! Go!!!!! Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Addy (djanabel)
at March 28th, 2007 (09:19 pm)

current mood: anxious

Rally QLD 2007 is all systems go. I head up there tomorrow. If you see me come and say Hi!! (I will be the only guy In big black boots and Toyota red fins (Think Keith Flint from The Prodigy)

Anita [userpic]
In the deepest darkest forest...
by Anita (november_girl)
at September 16th, 2006 (12:20 am)

We're going to be doing some spectating on the Roger Albert Clarke Rally in November, which takes in the likes of Kielder, Dalby and Castle O'er. Does anyone have any particular spectating spots/helpful B&Bs/good places to eat that they can recommend in the various areas?

well blow me down
by Simsy (wild_women66)
at September 9th, 2006 (09:52 am)

current location: Melbourne Australia
current mood: i could get three ralllies!~!
current song: I like your old stuff - gurgeatator

Well Blow me down...

just got word.. that i might be able to do rally australia.. and rally china as well for under $1600 dollars whoohoo might ask if i can leave on a thursday...

Now for that small matter of the AXN WRC shakedown show's fans challenge?? Should it be with emu eggs or kangaroo's testicles ;-) (with a small wager on the side)

petra.. you better make sure you come if i can get down there for the weekend :P

rallyemadartep [userpic]
Rally Japan news
by rallyemadartep (rallyemadartep)
at September 2nd, 2006 (09:47 pm)

Note to all future Rally Japan spectators:

do NOT, under any circumstances, hire a car in Tokyo and decide to drive up, particularly in one day. First and foremost, you won`t make it. Secondly, you`ll pay more for road tolls than the hire car!

Fly into Obihiro or Sapporo and go from there.

Be prepared, Japan is expensive. You pay PER STAGE for spectating, and for parking as well. But the stages are beautiful! And there`s a cool Irish pub...where drinks may be in order tomorrow night!

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